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  I'ma gonna try to be a little bit more active on here now, don't mind disco Knievel and her rockets thanks  

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“This is a stupid article about a stupid show.”

~ that one time XY007 summarised all of Decks' articles into one, easy-to-swallow talk page remark

Congratulations! You are the first winner of the Reverend Zim_ulator Holy Sacred User Page service, a non-denominational smolk run by niggardly cretins. You win by not being bothered to create a user page for a while after contributing more than 7 bytes to Illogicopedia or any of it's subsidiary chiropractic colleges. So, with no further fanfare, here it is, your temporary user page. Blame goes to user:gruntled, so just leave his minions, imagined or otherwise, alone! You hear me? Leave them alone!

With despotic, self-aggrandizing and belligerent foot odor,
Gruntled and/or Reverend Zim_ulator

Things I done did[edit | edit source]

The pages that I have begun and/or wrote completely (key: features, Illogicopedia:Vital listed articles, contest entries)[edit | edit source]

The wheels on the insanity bus go round and round...Oh muffin crumbsIllogimusic:Anything is possibleCookie SambonJaySitar soloDJ... uh... soloSurprise DayPrincess StargloFerris wheel of doomLeftHowTo:Overcome your fear of rollercoastersLess than threeSpace InvadersShazamWhoops!Yorkshire pudding from BrooklynPimp My AtticMikaThe Sleepytime Relaxomagic Vibrating ChairBackgammonHowTo:Look after your siblingTrying to be helpfulTwenty times is enoughRecklessnessThe Mattress WizardJust Another Prep School Movie (unbirthday sequel?) — CaramelldansenInside Out (film)Tish Simmonds(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧GalaxyCinemaElevator MagicianGiftsSpaghettiSerial nonsenseDadaismElectronic musicHowTo:Become a clock in between scenesRoto-Rooter TroubleshooterYou, me, and the edge vol. 1Laughter policeRepetitive motion sickness (aka. why I thought the incredible race was terrible)Generic meme article

Expansions/rewrites[edit | edit source]

Blueberry PieNervous breakdownBumpkinsGooseUnbirthdayBabiesI mash my keyboardBubblesKiwiWhite Castle (meh)

Collaborations[edit | edit source]

Things I didn't done do[edit | edit source]

Articles (from other users) which resulted from the strange and unsettling things I write (why?)[edit | edit source]

Other things that I am apparently somewhat related to[edit | edit source]

Սrath Yoг Ҭɑгg Һabߋ ƴelli ǥosk abƄel ѵelv

Corngrattergrations! You done won That thing

You truly have problems

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The joys of vandalising your own talkpage, as illustrated by User:Dxtory on Uncyclopedia Japan

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