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Sorry to hear read about your problem, User:Gruntled, but I doubt if telepathy would really work

   KATE    Talk   Kate.jpeg 21:56, 23 Yoon 2013 (UTC)

I don't yes.

Step 1. Insert cow in toilet

Step 2. Flush until goat lays egg

Step 3. Take anvil and drown it in acid

Step 4. Remove chair from oil and spill it on sheep

Step 5. Ask the pig a question

Step 6. Prophet.

Step 7. Confirm that the giraffe is Illuminati confirmed.

Step 8. Throw a basketball at the lion until it poops.

WARNING: Do not use the doorbell, it could be broken.

Tip: To ensure that it doesn't explode, make sure the politics is set to communism.

Notice: If you set it too communist, it could cause the fish to fly up like toast.

It's important to note that you should be safe. Have a maze sing time!


Worst joke ever. My parrot almost squeaked.