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File:Baby Pox.png
If forward goes the progress, the baby is more weltanschaung.

Never before in the history of history has there been anything so forward as is the most forward thing at this very moment. Take diamonds, for instance. Diamonds are a tightly controlled market whose customer base is largely composed of vain and stupid people. Forward are man-made diamonds, most perfect of all 4 C's, undug at the cost of warfare.

The baby becomes garrulous, the dregs are thrown onto the mash pile. All contudes the forgettification of abnormalcy, probing, always probing deeper into the psyche, past Freud, past Jung, past a proctological exam, all the way down, deep down into the pit. And what is in the pit? This pit of woe, of lies and of despair? Why, only the meanderings of a half-mad, three-quarters bollocky macrame owl.

Now, spring the tripwire, and claim your victory squeaking along the baseboards, rhymes with chords, sings like Lords, polishes like a Ford.