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Russian mobsters have extra butt cheeks smuggled in from Iran, home to the largest single natural deposit of butt cheeks.

The second half of the third dimension, down is often underrated as low, Hell-spawn, provocative and prehensile. At the brink, where you almost fall over into nothingness, down is the root tip sticking out of the ground, that trips you and instills national pride.

Butt Cheeks -n- Beefrings[edit | edit source]

This popular NY hot spot is a major distributor of down, and was was once a monkey bar. Ignorant people think down causes Down syndrome. Everybody knows it's caused by Bat Starch Immunizations. If you fall down, you could hurt yourself and others. If the stock market is down, people get depressed. Hedge funders are not human, and so, do not count.

There's always downtown for a hot time on a Saturday night. There's down the rabbit hole (which, incidentally, exists everywhere and nowhere) to see Alice, where she decided to stay, and therefore remained forever fictional.

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