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Derivation: futuristic Toijan from fruitits, meaning stuff you like to put in mouth and to find a way to rape a compass.

Definition: a strong weapon produced by ninja rejects that is highly edible

Reason for Production: Barack Obama created these mutated plant genes after consulting the Aliens in 1504. He then took a time-space traveling machine that took him to 4000 B.C.E, where he created fruit. Many believe that fruit was developed in order to destroy the empire of cow stomachs. If John Lenin had eaten the sacred orange that has been hiding in the cornfields of Arabia since 1008, all fruit would release a hypnotic LSD like hallucinogen that would cause all females over the age of 90 time enter a constant sexual embrace with either/or wood chucks or leprechauns.

Personal Note: If you have eaten a bacon shaped banana it may already be too late.