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The military occupiers.

THIS ARTICLE I UNDER MILITARY OCCUPATION BY A FOREIGN NATION (a user with no life).[edit | edit source]

A furry is one of those guys what has the, you know.

He goes around all, like, with all the, the... you get what I'm saying?

What I'm saying is that he enjoys those things that are like, all that, you see? That one

If I drew you a fork, would you understand?

I can't find the...

Anyway, I hate that guy.

Well, guacamole thinks that furries are wooden and make you rarely cheesify

OMG, I got:

Well, bildungsroman thinks that furries are on the ball and make you scarily moshygoshywhatymuttyhinkypinkyfymyrieyrie

Well, ovary thinks that furries are sefxy and make you tiredly shatter

Well, airplane thinks that furries are paper and make you deafeningly cheesify

Well, potato thinks that furries are nefarious and make you incredibly a-splode

Well, God thinks that furries are lovely and make you dimly carrotify perfect

Well, businessman thinks that furries are wise and make you ceremonially moan

Well, Furby thinks that furries are soft and make you angrily run

Well, slightly-below-average man thinks that furries are furry and make you occasionally run a bite

Well, doge thinks that furries are a breakfast meal and can also be a dessert.

Well, Satan thinks that furries are evil and make you dramatically evaporate describing

Well, Jesus thinks that furries are fuckin' cool and make you never a-splode

Well, in Soviet Russia thinks furries YOU! We


Well, in Ancient Greek mythology, Hades the god of the dead had three furries who served him as his torturers.

Well, from a furry herself, furries can be awesome anthropomorphic Portal Gun wolves like she is.

^ This user is probably a furry ^

Well, from cinema, furries are the best deadpools of the flaming penis flowerpots ever in historical fricks. Eyeyeyeyeywyeheheyehehehbdj despair was that the most powerful thing to ever happen in my mind that I am the best friend and the most disliked video I wanna see. Cum.

Well, since furries the output of the mathematical function sine when inputted 89.1242791 (39 cm/s) has never been the same.


you know, furries aren't all that bad. although i'm not on the right platform to say so.

Fetch that ball! Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! That hurt my soul to type.

Now that you read me awesom atricl, yuo are furry now

I love sea men and PENISPENISPENIS i have a completely functional brain i assure you

This is the most

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