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No need to use that language with me, young man.

People in possesion of Fork[edit]

"Yeah, fork 'em." - EZ E before he died of AIDS

A fork is also...[edit]

used to STAB your food! HA HA HA! Food fears the fork. FEARS the fork, with pillows that are sometimes true blue.

in the ROAD! Which way...which way leads to Ultra Thingy?

A Story[edit]

One day, my dad was seated at a huge table, since he came from a huge family, next to brother Marcel. Marcel, being the dick that he was, kept punching my dad on the arm. So, dad places his fork, tine out, where his big, bully brother was punching him, and invited him to take another shot. As Marcel screamed and bled, my father dutifully informed his father that he thought Marcel might need glasses.

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