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Gandalf was the greatest wizard of Middle Earth. His powers were so great that after almost dying as Gandalf the Grey he was resurrected as Gandalf the White with increased abilities. This later turned out to be propaganda material for a washing power.

Life, death and rebirth

He once got pulled inside a deep pit by a flaming Balrog in the Mines of Moria. He was retrieved naked by the Eagle Lord who dumped him in Lothlorien where Galadriel's assisstants washed his grey clothes.

The party of 14

Once Gandalf and twelve dwarves had come raving drunk to a certain fag Bilbo Baggin's home and did a lotta screaming and shouting nearly breaking his crockery.

The transformation of Theoden

Theoden, son of Thengel, son of Bitch was an old king who was always generally pissed off. Gandalf revived his old energy through his magic. Quoth Theoden, "I was 4 inches before and now I'm 7. I'm so happy I'm gifting him Shadowfax".


He did not die, but went into hiding when one drunk party Bilbo revealed his secret - that all the magic he did was just cheap pyrotekniks.