Garrotte Carrot

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The Garrotte Carrot is an infamous serial ATA killer, known for garrotting its victims with cheese wire, leaving no trace behind other than a fluffy pancake with moldy green lumps of chocolate-flavored lightbulbs neatly placed and lit underneath it, giving a warm, pleasant atmosphere.

The wire it uses being laced with mops, the victims are highly satisfied with the psychedelic experience and often become devoted return customers, highly praising the service and recommending it regardless of it having a comparatively high price - the "ultimate one", or so they say.

The police having begun an investigation following reports of drug use as part of the service, the Garrotte Carrot has recently begun selling Do-It-Yourself-Cheese-Mop-Wire-Garrotte-kits instead of carrying out the service in person. Though initially a dissapointment among enthusiasts, these kits have nonetheless become bestselling products, no doubt avaliable near you!

Just let me give you a demonstration, and I'm sure you'll understand the true worth of the product...






Uurk uurk huurk!




Oops - make sure to buy a kit yourself, I mean!

(chomp, chomp)

Mmm, Cheddar!