Have you ever noticed how when your tired, you think like you're tripping?

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It's only like 12:37 but I'm pretty tired because of the week of school. I had an epiphany, though; that being tired, makes you feel high. I cannot say this with certainty because I have never gotten high but it seems like it. Not so much you "feel" high, just you "think" like you're high. You think of the weirdest things. Like THE must never sleep, I mean, or he is just like addicted to heroin and LSD but he'll feel the same. But to get straight to the point; I'm in the mood to write a short; not very funny nor memorable article that I will put on my list of articles and 100 more articles from now I'll say, "Damn; I don't remember writing this" because I won't. Personally, I don't mind this because; quite frankly, you don't get over 200 articles by writing crown jewels every time, I mean, forever my motto on my page was, "Quantity not quality" and I live by that. Not really though. Just in like Illogicopedia and other things that won't dramatically affect my future. I'm rambling. Which I always do. Even in real life. People think it's annoying. You will, too. I'm putting periods too often. Yes I am. Let me stop. Okay, I'm done. Phew, that was scary. I swear I was like a second away from shitting myself. Daaamn. I once scared myself one day. I remembered like where this guy said he was born, and he told me it like 3 years ago, but somehow I remembered. I wasn't really scared; it was more of a, "Damn. I am really that good?" And the answer was obviously yes. Because I'm such a fucking beast that I can ramble on for hours at a time and no one will care. Just look at how long this is for a ramble. Ain't it grand? Excuse the gayness of that. I apologize. My attorney advised me not to speak on the matter and any further comments will be made after the trial. Haha. Don't you hate when some celebrity does that? We want to fucking know what's happening. If we wanted to here what your piece-of-shit lawyer told you to do we would have asked him. Dumbshits. That reminds me of Michael Vick. That mother fucker. Killed dogs and what does he get? Two years? Two F***ING years? Michael Vick doesn't deserve the right to play in the NFL much less the right to breathe. All of my wants will never be fulfilled as long as Michael Vick is still alive. Piece of shit. Sorry for that rant. I feel strongly on the subject. Honestly, I've been playing a hell a lot of Halo 3 recently. I mean by recently, over the summer into now. It's addictive. Halo > C.O.D. hands down. COD's too bland and all that. Halo has the customizable elements to it. Like custom games, maps, all of that shit. What does COD have? Nothing. Other than Nazi Zombies there's really nothing to go "OMG!! Graytist gam evur!!!" about. Sure Halo has it's critics but here's a message to all of you haters: F*** YOU. Yea, I said it. I'm not afraid to give the verbal finger to every GoW and CoD fanboy and their grandmother. I'm bold. So fuck yeah, let's partay!!! On that note, I've always wondered why people say "partay" when they sound like and ass and it makes them look uneducated. And also, why do we pronounce "iron" as "i-urn". It's "I-ron" not "I-urn". The English language is terrible. America can only improve on English so much. We took away all of those unnecessary u's and shit because you gave us extra letters. We simplified it. Not to a "1984" extent because that would be doubleplusbad. I never actually finished that book. It was due back to the library so I was an idiot and didn't renew it. I'm about half way done. I'll probably get it again sometime. It was really awesome but it made you think at the same time. But remember, Big Brother is watching. And they cannot say the show "Big Brother" wasn't based off of the book. Even though they say that in the credits, it clearly was. No one's saying anything bad about it but... C'mon. I haven't watched the last two seasons because when I used to watch it I got addicted to it. Damn, that show is addicting. Much like drugs. Speaking of drugs, have you ever noticed how when your tired, you think like you're tripping?