He, lol i love saying lol

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Extracted from the diary of Bann Blank
Dear diary…
I love saying lol, lol. Everything I say must end with a lol, lol. Think im going to kill myself or something if I cant stop lolling, lol.
Oh noes, lol, i think im going to explodes, lol. LOL,lol. LOL, lol. LOL, lol. Sheez lol booger fork fork beeyatch Kuntz, lol. I cant stop sucking on my sweet lolipop, lol. Need to see a shrink, lol, lol, loooool!
LOL (also written lol and any other combination), lol is a common element of Internet slang, lol.

Yep, lol. *bang*

“Fricking lol, lol”

Eh, ha ha ha