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Most commonly known as the element that makes up wood, the hedgehog is one of the least bouncy elements in existence. In fact, it only scores 137.9 on the Mohs Bounciness Scale. (On Mohs' scale, a high number correlates with a low value of anti-unbounciness. I'd like to see you try to figure that one out!)

Properties of the hedgehog (Its official sciencey name is Grandlywhab)

  • Atomic number: 3.14158491274583759375 and a half
  • Atomic symbol: Cereal2Milk3
  • The only other piece of conclusive data that scientists have discovered is that cereal tastes best with milk. Philosophers claim that this observation may be an example of witchcraft and/or scientists getting distracted.

Hedgehogs in pop culture[edit]

Most celebrities are made entirely out of hedgehogs (well, the ones that are made of wood at least...which isn't very many)