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How to annoy admins.

Step 1: Put a trash template on their userpage.

Step 2: Wait until he Chinese burns you.

Step 3: Complain.

You're done.

How To piss an admin right off[edit]

Step 1. point out to him that he is in fact gay, and would pull more blokes if he got a haircut.

Step 2. Make love to his dog.

Step 4. Ignore step 3, he hates that.

Step 5. Tell him ALOSERSAYSWHAT really fast, and when he says what, stab him. Wait, I thought we were trying to kill him... piss him off? I dunno, kick his shins or something...

Step 6. Listen to decent music and have normal tastes in stuff/be able to make friends.

Hop 7. Meh