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It's them...



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They're coming... I know they are.... Please stop Them... AH!!!!”

~ Me

“If you don't take precautions, they'll get you, I swear.”

~ Unknown man in tin foil hat

“We come in peace... JK! Haha! You actually believed us! This is going on my blog...”

~ Them

See those quotes?!?!?! They're real!!!!!!!!1!!!!! The aliens are coming to get us!!!! I swear!! WE NEED PROTECTION!! Here are a couple ways to avoid.... THEM.

  • Wear a tin foil hat.
    The most stylish option.
  • Use a telescope every night.
  • Don't listen to the government. They don't want you to know about them.
  • Join a paranormal club. They don't like people in numbers.
  • Live in a basement. They don't like searching for humans.
  • Live as far away from New Mexico as possible. It's a hotspot for them.
  • Kill yourself. You can avoid anything by killing yourself.

So now you know. Avoid them!!! AVOID THEM!!!!

My cat. He's ready for them.