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“A very hard task. I think you can't do it. You are going to need more orange juice.”

“Well, want to write junk. Just go to the dumpster and plagiarize.”

For those of you arriving from Jupiter and have no idea what Wikipedia is, I will tell you. Wikipedia is the world's largest wiki with over 3 quintillion articles.[citation needed]Their articles are really stupid since they have no value except for junior high students plagiarizing it for reports. This is solved by Wikipedia putting inaccurate crap into the article. The accurate crud is marked with a citation needed template that says it needs more crap and less crud, since crud earns junior high students F--'s, which is too good of a grade. So, if you have an article idea that is not already covered, which is very hard to find since most everything is already covered due to monkeys putting it there. So, we are going to write an article about Dr. Phil.

Take NOPV into mind. NOPV stands for No Orders Poop Village. So, that means your article must include content about Willy Wonka. An article must be really short. Most people don't need long articles. So, grammar and spelling must be incorrect, since that is good professionalism. So, you submitted your first try. Here is what it looks like.

Dr. Phil is a Psychiatrist on TV.[citation needed]He has an afternoon show and it is popular.[citation needed]

Well, that was too long and too accurate and was marked with Citation Needed templates. A junior high plagiarizer would get an F-- for that. You should take that crud to Unclepeteopedia. Let's try again.

Dr Phl si an supahero ni som comc.

Wonderful! You can write for Wikipedia! No Citation Needed or anything! Now, go there and work your magical brain!