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“Woah I'm spaced. Yeah thees Billiard Gate has like a, dude gimme som more o that. Like a red shiny button like with axle grease on it.”

~ Random hippy in vegas on top of Bill Gates's computer
For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Bill Gates.

Basicly if you try to assassinate Bill Gates like we all have at some point and he catches you then basicly your computers f*cked!

Example.jpg Bill Gates spotting you attempting to assassinate him.

Is there any solution to this certain damnation Combatting Bill[edit]

To stop Bill pressing the button that will cause your computers demise you should invest in Anti-Bill Gates software, a firewall or a sniper.

Example.jpg Anti-Bill Gates software in action.

Example.jpg An observer of the proceedings.

So remember to download copious amounts of porn from dodgy websites and shoot any one who says otherwise.

Example.jpg A satisfied Bill Gates sniperer.

Windows nazi.jpg

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Windows nazi.jpg