If you press "random page," and land on this article, the world will end in exactly one month

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Did you land on this article after clicking the "randumb page" button on the right side of your screen? If so, then I've got some bad news for you...


That's right, clicking randumb page and landing on this article is an omen for the end of the planet earth. Earth will explode into a fiery inferno and soon be nothing but some ash floating in space. Everything that humanity as a whole has worked to create will be obliterated in that instant. And it will happen in exactly one month.

You, sir or madam, are the only person on the planet who currently has this knowledge. You now have several options:

A) tell your family and friends that the end is coming. Of course, there's nothing they can do, but it still might be nice for them to know.

B) Not tell anybody that the end is coming. That way, you can turn it into some sort of practical joke or something. Like, you could throw a party and be like, "hey guys! I got a magic trick! I'm gonna blow up the world!" Your friends won't believe you at first, but if you time it right you can make it seem as if YOU triggered the big explosion. BIG EXPLOSION!!!

C) Masturbate a lot. I think this one doesn't need an explanation.

D) Strive for world peace. This one doesn't need much of an explanation either. Just gather up some duct tape, glue, and scissors and head out into the street to solve all the world's problems. Of course, you'll probably only end up solving about half of your neighborhood's problems, but at least you'll have solved something.

E) Masturbate a lot. Seriously, this is probably the best option.


...you choose to do, the power is in your hands.

Incidentally, if you DIDN'T come to this page by pressing "random page," the world won't blow up. But you'll stub your toe.