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Welcome to IllogiBooks,
an Illogicopedia project that was started on Eebleday 42, 4242
with the mission to create a free collection of absolutely useless textbooks
that some people can edit.

Whoop de poodle

You can play around in the Sandbox, a place where you can do anything and get a feel for how it works. Where's my socks?


The central place to ask questions or discuss ideas is the forums. Eat the cheese. Potatoes are good for you, and so are the forums. asking on talk pages is good too, just don't get drunk on the fuzz. Please and dank you.

If you plan to try to use this for a classroom project, don't. There's no point to school anyways, so GTFO and STFU n00b.


Don't explore, cower away from editing pages, have fun, and it's raining.

Books department

~ Novels ~
~ Epic tales ~
~ Machines that go ping ~
~ Mathematilistics ~
~ Illogicopedia's scawy past ~
~ Technologies and stuff ~
~ Subbuteo, and Super Japan ~
~ Reading list ~
~ Pages by silly statements ~
~ Guides ~
~ Biographies ~
~ Records ~
~ Image Captions ~