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“Heh, they don't seem bothered much by us anyway. The Big Brother strikes again.”

~ Silent Penguin on the move to Wikia

“In this case, Big Brother has been overruled. I got him in a headlock and threatened him.”

~ Hindleyite on the above

“I for one welcome them [Our new Wikia Overlords]... with a great custard pie to the face! Ha ha! Only joking. I need that for food.”

~ The French Chipmunk Chef on Illogicopedia's move to Wikia

“As one of the few Americans on the ?pedia crew, I've always been more of a John Adams than a John Dickenson so let me just add my voice: I'm for declaring independence!”

~ Nerd42 on independence

“Imagine a world in which every single person and alien in the universe is given free access to the sum of human comedy, nonsense and satire.”

~ Joe9320 on Illogicopedia's detachment from Wikia

“Sh*t is about to hit the fan”

“Kyle is just a pawn in W*kia's game where it is their chessboard and they refuse to accept a checkmate.”

~ Hindleyite on the old Wikia closure argument

“Now, my time here is over and I mean it. I came back in happiness that we'd finally left, but now our move's been pissed on by the mighty W*kia.”

~ Benedict Blade