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A series of topics relating to Illogicopedia's on-going quest to be independent of outside control.

Move from Editthis to Wikia[edit | edit source]

Background: Prior to Arply 2007, all discussions took place at the old Proboards forum, which is currently locked to the general public. For this reason, discussions on this or the old Editthis wiki are scant. Illogicopedia had been attempting to get hosting from Wikia since December 2006, thus far unsuccessfully. In Arche 2007, Wikia finally accepted on the basis of the Editthis wiki and its popularity, plus a renewed selection of policy and about pages. A new Illogicopedia was set up at an independent host, but after much discussion the community decided on Wikia and the move went ahead relatively quietly.

  • Uncyclopedia post (Arche 2007) by Sannse, Wikia representative, asking the Uncyclopedia community whether Illogicopedia should be accepted into the wider Wikia community.
  • Illogiblog announcement (Arply 2007) welcoming The New Overlords.

Move from Wikia[edit | edit source]

Background: Kickstarted into action once more by the Wikia's planned widespread implementation of the New Monaco skin, the administrators resumed discussions on going independent again. It was decided that the community would leave Wikia when funding became available for alternative hosting.

  • Illogiblog announcement (Jumbly 2008) proclaiming Illogicopedia will be going ahead and moving to a new server, pending the location of a host.
  • A message from the future (Jumbly 2008) - One user's fears for the Illogicopedia post-move.
  • A checklist (Ergust 2008) - for the move, still up in the air. It was always known it was going to be a long, drawn out process even back in August.

The revival and move[edit | edit source]

Background: Rumblings of discontent with Wikia raged under the surface of the Illogicopedia and many users voiced their disapproval of the Monaco skin and Wikia's forced implementation of it. A selection of users, some of which were long-time, esteemed editors, announced they would leave unless something was done about it.

  • Illogicopedia V2 (Octodest 2008) - the post that kickstarted it all again. A radical suggestion made by a founder to overhaul the Illogicopedia. Posted as a 'kind-of-joke', it was taken seriously by some, but ultimately led to a second Improvement Drive.
  • Uncyclopedia comment (Novelniver 2008) - Carlb announces he would be happy to host the Illogicopedia, meaning the site had found a new host.
  • Announcement at the Illogiblog - (Novelniver 2008) "Illogicopedia is in transition".
  • Move FAQ (Novelniver 2008) - Announcement alerting people of the independence from Wikia. Taken by Wikia as an 'official move notice'.
  • Welcome to the new wiki (Novelniver 2008) - Equivalent of the above but on the new wiki. Included notice on the differences between the two wikis and aimed to make the transition to independent servers as smooth as possible.
  • Notification of the move (Novelniver 2008) - discussion on how best to inform people of the new Illogicopedia.

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