IllogiNews:Deez Nuts inspires Dem Fallopian Tubes

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Deez Nuts swung a respectable 9% in North Carolina Presidential polls.

Serpeniver 8, 2015

'RALEIGH, North Carolina -- Yet another dark horse candidate in the form of a 15 year old Minnesota man has entered the race for President of the United States in 2016. He's done exceedingly well in polling for 4 states, approaching 10% and running a strong third place behind Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. His tongue-in-cheek campaign has inspired an actual, eligible candidate to consider entering herself.

Calling herself Dem Fallopian Tubes, she has encoded her status and into the name. She is even considering a legal name change. "The name Dem means I'm a Democrat, of course, " said the potential candidate. "Fallopian Tubes, of course, telegraphs my dedication to women's issues. Tubes is also a a triple entendre; I am a huge supporter of the internet, which of course, is a bunch of tubes. See what I did there?"