Hillary Clinton

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“She's got my vote. Well, providing she does my bidding. Sensible comments? Where?! SOLUBLE FISH!”

~ André Breton on Hillary Clinton

“I shall release Mewtwo on election day. Because, like the people, of this nation, I am committed to catching 'em all.”

Hillary Clinton is the senator of a state that nobody remembers which one. It is a debated issue about her "Top Ten People That Might Be The Anti-Christ" ranking. Which leads me to my next edit...TTPTMBTAC, for short or just Top Ten People That Might Be The Anti-Christ.

She has tried twelve times to win an award in Illogicopedia (including Potential President of the Month) but failed every time. She is currently in the running to be blocked, but is sure to fail at that too. She is largely forgotten, or perhaps just large in general?

She has also had sexual relations with an email.

2016 US Election
An Illogicopedian guide to a very something-cratic election. Hide the kids!
Hilly the First Female (Democracy or what?) Bigger than life, like Texas (It's a republic obviously)
For a better nickname... (Republicant (with the ant on the end) Three generations and counting (Like Fox News) IRISH-ish (I'm pretty democrazy) Money does the job (Rep yet again) Not related to KFC (On the far bluish end) John Ithinki'mgonnabesick (The GOP will gladly clean my mess) Green-skinned Frankenstein (It might be the cannabis...)
Result: Let's all move to Canada!
See who's in and who's out
Final Candidates
It's Hillary-ous how negligent yet over-qualified she is to do this!
Rigging and bribing my way to the top is the ultimate political Trump card!