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This article is part of IllogiNews, your sauce for chips and sausages.

IllogiNews editor-in-chief Old Greg delights at the prospect of any publicity whatsoever.

WASHINGTON D&C -- One of the first acts of a Teabagger-fortified Congress was to pounce on their intellectual betters and truthiness reporters, IllogiNews. While staff here are admitedly mostly Bolsheviks, with a smattering of closet Mehcheviks [1], and we have maintained dogged pursuit of truthiness by nipping at the heels of these Neo-Trotskyites, causing their campaigns no end of inconvenience.

Hearings will convene on January 3 2011, when IN staff will be strapped into dental chair, fed cheeze and forced to read their own articles. "We think this will break any resistance quickly, then we can insert our virus of conservatism into their brains," says evil wizard Karl Rove.

  1. Apathetic guys with Russian accents.