IllogiNews:This week we're really doing Cajun bat-wrapped scallops

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Cajun deep fried bat wrapped scallops as prepared by Chef Paul Prudhomme.

This week, chef Paul Prudhomme of the "Urethane Dandy School of Cajun-style Cooking" joins us, fresh off a New Orleans scow, to help us prepare an authentic Cajun deep fried bat-wrapped scallops with pork brains and milk gravy on rice, and a nice, smelly pork tail soup.

The key to this recipe is that it is actively non-Kosher. This means that extreme care is taken when choosing ingredients, preparing, cooking and serving the questionable foodstuffs to ensure insult to even the least Orthodox practicing Jew.

Nope, never mind. The Paul Prudhomme article is not as yet finished. Here to finish this article is the Bedouin water polo champion and doily seamstress Sarcophagus Klatu [1].

Weather at the beachfront was hostile to Japanese people [2]. The War On Drugs is going swimmingly, according to Ransom Fudd. chief Podiatry consultant to the Pope. Reeking otherwise of stale wine, a surly wench could be heard shouting, "Bring out your dead!" with alacrity. Penance?

Rhesus Christ! What is this, a return to McCarthyism? Free Willie, with or without the Horton? Well I, for one, wouldn't mind a little street justice around here.

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  1. infamous Spanish conquistador who got lost and would up conquering South Philly.
  2. The author has a secret revulsion for Japanese people, especially goom java.