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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

Please help Illogicopedia by recycling less good articles!

Some people might be old enough to remember our (moderately successful) previous article improvement drive...

Well, it's back baby! Only this time... it's personal new and improvedTM.

So, what the heck is it?[edit]

Illogicopedia is filled with great content, but there's some "less good" stuff out there as well. What we want you to do is improve the quality of those "not that great" articles. This includes:

  1. Expansion of articles - aim for a reasonable length.
    • Warning: some articles are best left short: they may be deliberately one liners, for example. We leave it at user discretion as to what is best, though the article's author/community at large has the right to revert anything at any point.
  2. Bringing articles up to date with the manual of style where possible.
    • Bolded entry, see alsos, indented & italicised lyrics/poems etc.
    • Improving grammar, spelling and punctuation (American or British English, we don't mind as long as it is consistent throughout the article).
    • Addition of appropriate categories, infoboxes etc.
    • Insertion of images - existing, new images

What needs heyulp[edit]

You can find articles needing help via the following links:

Too lazy?[edit]

If you're not feeling in the mood to improve and article, simply tag it with {{AID}}. We urge you to actually try and improve the article first but if you are running low on creative juices and want to bring it to the attention of someone else then stick the template on there.

You may wish to add/remove a few things and add the template, it's up to you.

When the project is over, do not despair for we won't delete the articles, just remove the template.

And what's in it for me?[edit]

Administrators will be looking to reward users for contributions to the project, primarily in the form of gold stars but also through Illogicopedian of the Month noms (maybe).

The final word[edit]

(To paraphrase a quote from Asema which neatly wraps up this page:)

Just in case it wasn't clear enough:


What is proposed is meta-editing (merging, improving, forking), and only if an article receives no love from the community for a long time is it deleted.

...I do not mean to offend, but WE ARE NOT TRYING TO DELETE EVERYTHING.

--Sir Asema Politics Complaint Inbox or Outbox 01:07, 30 Jeremy 2008 (UTC)

Current AID subjects[edit]

An easily digestible list of some articles in need of your help, ordered by last edit:

AID subjectsLast EditLast Author

There's no subjects. I'm not up to it. Go away.

More articles needing help[edit]

Trash-markedLast EditLast Author
Donald Trump23:59, 8 Ergust 2021Cg098
Libtard03:06, 5 Ergust 2021Cg098
ISIS (Edgy)17:34, 19 Yoon 2021Cg098
Strip15:13, 19 Yoon 2021Cg098
Uncyc10pabla15:11, 19 Yoon 2021Cg098
John McCain17:36, 2 Aym 2021Fluffalizer
MasterChef17:58, 19 Arply 2021Slugwasher
Glossolalia21:45, 30 Arche 2020Hairs Individually
Tramp baiting04:51, 19 Jeremy 2019Mayo