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The Official Rights Group Against Sado Masochism
Leader MrMetalFLower
Headquarters Middlesex!
Colors Darkish orangeSemen whitenoir
Motto La petite morttranslation: Stimulating our community.
Founded We founded it hiding under a rock (in 1963)
  ORGASM redirects here. For the article on the *cough* noun, see Orgasm.  

We will be the loudest party in the history of Illogicopedia! We will stimulate this community until they are screaming for more!

Other people claim to be loving and tender to users, especially if it's their first time. We on the other hand will procrastinate voters into submission! We will bore them into caring! We are the best party in the world! We Rock! Go Us! We traffick drugs! Whoops, that slipped out. We don't actually "traffick" drugs, so to say. *shifty eyes*

We also come in ORGASM-PLUS. Double the titillation for almost eight thirds of the price!

While we may not be soft like our opponents, we will most certainly blow you away with amazing sensations you never thought you'd experience, totally making up for any romance. I mean... um... yeah. We're great!