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This user believes in peace and love.

HEY looks like i revived after all

everybody bow down before my perfectly manicured, shiny leaves and terrifying assortment of animal limbs all just protuding over the place

Feat on return[edit]

2014: Fridge Within a Fridge

old userpage[edit]

This user has died, and probably won't be resuscitated. He/she has joined Pat Evans and Kim Jong-Il up in heaven.

They will be missed.

I am a thing and this is that thing [1]


I am made of poison, tea and bento boxes, none of which are in any way mixed together. If I was a celebrity I would be Hello Kitty.

Coalescing bafuryeloaf recompensive prey of the melted kenpo barrel pachyrosailframe precifice pesticides for a putrid ideal o't' the, LEWD per sthenia : an imposing brachylogy


2010: IllogiNews:Man Born With Eight Faces Urinates Own Spine; Dies Aged 23 When Hit By Car · Pesticides for a putrid

2009: Godzilla Versus Jaws

2008: My Not-So-Super Sweet 16 · Borderline Oceania · Slightly Below Average Man · André Breton · Penglish uprising · Jesus

2007: Barry Scott · Conkers · Yummy · HowTo:Get an English Literature GCSE · Epic Fail · Flogging