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Perhaps you can find it in your heart to forgive an old man's ramblings, but for thousands of years Illogicopedia has supported our userbase in everything, and been generally better than everyone. Though our egoism will not go unnoticed, perhaps you can see our sparkle and give us love and warm fuzzies today. If you buy from our invisible store in the playground, we will donate %20 of the profit to the Deletionist Inquisition. Or you can sod off.

Before I start berating you with commercialized conundrum, however, I would like to salute the brave sea voyagers that keep our grounds safe, that put salt on our potatoes, and tuck us in at night. I would also like to thank the Order, and finally those who have given us salutations.

Bo, a contributor to some site. We got the second page, woo. Thanks, Bo. You won a grammie.

ld4all, a dreaming site which Uncle Truthal goes to, mentioning us in a post
NetMag, a large magazine, for briefing us a mention