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Please note that Retro Week 2008 is over and the Proboards forum and Editthis Illogic are locked once more.


Retro Week - rose-tinted viewpoints are mandatory[edit | edit source]

RETRO WEEK!! Because I accidentally agreed to explain it on IRC I've decided that Retro Week is the best event EVER to grace your miserable keyboards! Basically, for a whole week the wiki's going to be relocated back to its roots on We're not exactly sure why this is happening, it's probably in celebration of Illogic's first anniversary as a proper wiki (Scratchpads don't count) which all started on January 8th 2007. I know it's still hard for me to swallow the fact we haven't been around forever... yet. Editthis is were Illogicopedia found its feet and was our diligent host until we started caring about silly things like loading times and disk space etc.

The Editthis Link - .................. Click that for retro illogic[edit | edit source]

When Retro Week starts, put on your crazy 60s glasses and knitted jumpers and head on over to the Editthis site instead of the Wikia one. Anyone not in compliance will be forcefed my toenail clippings so, uh, shutup!

Join in the fun[edit | edit source]

All our usual Editors are not here, they are at our old wiki having a break from all our writing rules and regulations we imposed in recent months, feel free to join us over at:

Editthis Retro Week; it's only 1 in 52 weeks of the year you have to put up with it, so don't be a sad git and join in the fun.

Retro Week goodness![edit | edit source]

You can view a selection of the articles created during Retro Week 2008 here and a few more here.