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Yes check.svg This page documents what purports to be Illogicopedia policy, as applied by the powers that be.

Ignore at your own risk, but be aware that, according to Admin laws, the Werewolves are open to bribery,
at least when the Police aren't looking. Quick, scatter!

Number of votes to a user[edit | edit source]

The old weighting system has been deprecated. From now on, all users have one vote per ballot, and IPs have zero. Please note that Phantoms no longer have an extra half vote.

Vote for Feature and Featured Images are not affected by this change, since all users (regardless of rank) were always permitted just one vote per ballot anyway.

Number of noms to a user[edit | edit source]

Each user can nominate only one article at a time, but Werewolves and Vampires are allowed to nominate two. IPs cannot nominate articles for feature.

Self-noms[edit | edit source]

All self-noms must have been through review, unless the user is a Phantom or higher.