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One day long long ago, there was a boy named fred. He was a lesbian bohemian priiest with no legs and 15 balls. his scrotum was so nice it was covered with wools fur, who knows how or why, but fred wanted to become a farmer. He then went down to the river and drank from the horses mouth, what did your mother tell you about drinking from the horses mouth Frederick! Then the camels back was broken from just one straw, what the hell kinda camel can only hold one straw. This is rediculous. I hope that the makers of peanut butter get a bigger jar so i can fit my whole fist in it then I can lube up my knuckles to fuck my grandmas cat during christmas dinner. I then proceeded to grab freds dick until he paid me my money bitch.. then he went tback to san salvador and tied up a kitten and paid a dog pesos to bark at my neighbors children. I hope that all this is normal for a day in the life of fred. all we ever wanted was to be happy and live in a princesses weave, but then queen latifa came over and urinated on a fire hydrant. Why would she not wipe after, what a PIG. wow I love to grab a jap by his nun chucks and give him a talk about why I dont want any onions in my fried rice. I need to get a car and drive back to freds house to get his harpoon and then go to the ocean. Ill ride the harpoon to the boat store so i can use the propellor to kill a seal. I will make a coat out of my grandpas pubes and make a child in africa wear it. I cant believe how hairy his balls are after a nice poop. I cant go on without you mary, I need you to scream at my nipples while you fist my dog and scream obscenities at the church and pour the acid in my eyes. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cant I take a shit without turning on the shower, because I wash my mouth after. HAHAHA

--The previous unsigned comment was left by (talk), see the past frenzies page for posting time

. -this is why we can’t have good things.

Blimey. -- Ben Blade 14:25, 30 Yoon 2013 (UTC)