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Impossible? IMPOSSIBLE? Impossible is a concept created by the Bolerian Fandango-Garoo people of Malta. It is fundementally flawed in possibly every single way and unflawed in every possible flawless way. People who claim things are impossible are potentional Christians and should be removed from this UdNiImVeEnRsSiEon before they can cause any more harm to the infrastructure of remixed Goats.

More Importantly...[edit | edit source]

People should all wear coats and hats and coats with hats that don't have hats or coats but instead decide to turn their backs on the whole Hat-Coat concept and develop a greater understanding of International Relationships regarding self-fractured cheese dogs with milk and possibly a smidgen of ever lasting dissected chicken bones allocated north of the southern hemisphere which has been tackled severely by many omnipotent creators who believe the world has far too much time left and so have decided to invent Global Warming.