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“Skit scat boob lee mat I mainline heroin.”

~ Your favorite jazz musician.

Jazz, the Latin name for "fighting crabs" is the term for crabs that are fighting with chopsticks on a beach. This very Farley happens, so don't worry about it. You certainly wont have to put on the crab tan lotion! Sol.

Sax on dah bitch[edit]

Yes, this was the best album ever released, along with "dancing with granpa", "japaneese dance flab" and "Kaufman the jam". Nevertheless we need to look at the background information.

  • Sax, needless to say, was if not IF the best world turning blizzard in the world.

Dan unduh[edit]

You an Aussie? Deathblow is my rave Aussie band, they make toasted picnics seem like a tame thrashing machine!! LAL. Interviewed by parky underneath the yellow sun, they were quite entertaining, until they swore at the black man.

THAT was THAT[edit]

I said TO Manet JACKSON that you've seasoned ALL: over MY bluejacket KEYRING.

I deb numb[edit]

Your typing Yougart. Sunni