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Unemployed is the condition of being a slave to freedom. Freedom is kind of like one of those blue flappy things with weird eyes and orange bellies, except that she's actually a woman. You might think having a woman as a master would be kind of nice, but really, it's not. She's a harsh mistress.

People who are not unemployed are said to have a job. This means that they are slaves to the clock rather than to freedom. The clock yells at them when it's time to do things and it punishes them severely when they fail to do things to the exact millisecond at which they are required. It throws broccoli at them and it hurts, particularly since it's frozen broccoli.

People who are unemployed are more likely to write high-quality articles for Illogicopedia. This is because people who are not unemployed tend to produce stubs, at least according to one of the stub templates. Templates aren't really a reliable source, though.