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jkl; is sometimes referred to as "the anti-asdf" due to its malicious nature when exposed to asdf. jkl; is composed of the anti-elements associated with the elements contained in asdf. The elements of j, k, l, and ; are erif, retaw, htrae, and nuf, respectively.

Like asdf, not much is known about jkl;. The theories are limited, but it is agreed that it can only cause bad effects. Some supervillians are belived to have harnessed the energy of jkl;, wreaking havok on the world.

The most important element of jkl; is retaw. When a person is retawed, they may suffer from paralysis or nausea, and sometimes permanant death. People who are retaw'ed are referred to slangly as "retaw'eds." This condition is usually known as retaw'edation.

The other elements no doubt serve a slightly lesser purpose to the entirity of jkl;, but that does not mean they cannot cause harm.

Research is being done on the composition of jkl; in order to find out more about it, and possibly how it can be stopped. A breakthrough is hoped to be reached before January 1, 2007.

jkl; and EVIL!![edit]

One of the most notorious villians of all time who admitted to using jkl; is none other than Dr. Qwert. One of Dr. Qwert's most EVIL deeds is starting the Great Underwear Crisis of 1912. He did so by creating a giant jkl; beam to disintegrate the molecules contained in all the underwear in America, leaving thousands pantyless. Luckily, this crisis was ended by the brave warrior Tian. Upon pwning Dr. Qwert in Halo 2.4, Tian declared the crisis officially over, returning peace and underwear to Americans and duck-warriors alike.