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I told you it was alive! AahrgahgrAHDGHGRAHRAGhagsahgshags [faints]

Hi or Wiki? You decide.

I can't handle fuzzy fruit.[edit]

You shouldn't have come with us to the hotel then.

But I had to! There was an ant inside my home![edit]

Can't you order something other than fruit drink?

Not really. I'm not exactly a drinker of fizzy pop...[edit]

Why don't you get some water then? We're pretty much surrounded by it, you know. Earth is 70% water, so we're basically just cucumbers with anxiety. Hang on, I might be saying that wrong...

I... I actually expected you to have more things to say.[edit]

Well I could tell you all about kiwi fruit but you don't seem to like those so perhaps I should divert your attention to the fact that our waitress just summoned a kangaroo into the vicinity.

Well, I don't drink anything that comes from... pouches.[edit]

Goodness, you might be even more fussy than some people I know who got a name for it. And that's quite an achievement, really, since we had to change his name so it'd work that way. I feel kind of bad for him sometimes. I also feel pretty bad for that bloke in the pool who just turned into a whale.

Clifford? Are you doing okay down there?

Nope... the chair's moving again.