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“Hi de hi!”

~ An annoying person

“Hoe de hoe”

~ A gardener

“Hu de hu”

~ A sad person

“La la la la la”

~ A happy person

“Hi de hoe de hu de hi de la la la la laaaaaa!”

~ All of the above

Hi on a hill with a lonely goat herd. I was gonna go to church but then I got hi. Hi'd like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade.

Hi don't exactly see hi to hi with this article. Actually, hi don't get it at all: all hi ever do get is hit.

You see, hi have this problem whereby hi always pronounce Haitches before the ninth letter of the alphabet. Hit's a serious problem that affected my grandmother. Nevertheless, my optimhism knows no bounds! I shall one day become Khing and then I shall make everybody pronounce their his with haitches! Hahahah!

Hit's hunfair hi tell you. Ho no, hnow hi'm pronouncing hi's where the hi should hnot be! Hno!

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