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Why hast thou forsaken us, Generation X!?

Kreator is the Creator according to what a few joyous Germans saw that made them violently defecate in their lederhosen.

But really, though; Kreator is not someone you want to sacrifice your deformed sea monkeys to on a Monday. Kreator has a tendency to summon an undead army of minotaurs on you once he has found out about the fact that you had intentions of mindlessly shoving those handicapped and severely deformed sea monkeys into his mouth on a Monday. Yes. Because Kreator can. Well then.

Umm uhh age or something?[edit]

Like all other things old and withered (*ahem*), Kreator was kreated when the world's sickest hair-metal band (like, literally sickest; all of the band members had fevers and pneumonia) stormed into a meth lab and started rockin' out. Little did they know that the intensity of the bass and the ripeness of the mangoes would provoke a chemical reaction (screw you, Fine Brothers!) and then a nuclear blast, decimating the local Pygmy population and leaving millions of ostriches with a third wing.

wtf r u tryin 2 say???[edit]

Nothing! Thrash metal would have never had its politically charged children without the kreation of Kreator!

But then Slayer came along...

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