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Go left is right. Pucca's house, apparently.

I left.

Okay, that's it. I'm leaving.


Go right.

Stop right?

...Go left?


I've had enough. And so has everyone else. We can't just keep eating ice cream quoting things verbatim playing laser tag all the time.

Sure we can! There's plenty!

Now, every day is an ice- uh, Wednesday.

I told you to go left, and now you can't get up?[edit]

Well, too bad. You're not straightedge anymore. Bahahahaha. You deserved all of that hangover.

Next time, eat ice cream instead.

Ten hut[edit]

Left. Left. Left right left.
Left. Left. Left left left...


Laser tag[edit]

is a treat to have once in a while, not all the time. And besides, all this pigging out on laser tag is bad for us.

So you don't feel very good, huh? Learn your lesson the hard way.