Liberty (book)

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Liberty is the fictional result of the attempt of some researchers to independently verify the Weinstein effect using Garrison Keillor substrates. Of course, this would mean the parade is fictional, too.

A (rather verbose) Tao Te Ching parody[edit]

A visit to the urologist gives birth to ancestral DNA testing
Ancestral DNA testing gives birth to online swindlers
Online swindlers give birth to unexpectedly erotic literature
And the unexpectedly erotic literature causes Martian Luther to halfway roll over in his grave


In January, the Archbishop of Mars put on his X-ray glasses and looked at the grave of Martian Luther. "The body has half-rolled over," he said. The Pope of Mars said, "We can see the reformer only half loves us. We must all spread the destruction, so that he loves us more. I say we attack Earth."

There were no survivors.