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Like, oh my Gosh, this is totally the best page EVER. Hey Jenny, let's go to the store! I need to get shoes. No no like, I NEED them! Oh my Gosh, I totally saw this pair and in the window and OH - MY - GOSH they would look SO GOOD on me!

This store is like, totally awesome[edit | edit source]

Jenny I'm so glad you came with! This is the greatest store EVER! Hey did you hear about Brenna? She like, broke up with Bradley! I know, like, oh my Gosh, right? He's such a loser. Ooh, look at that scarf! Jenny, try that on, it would look like, SO GOOD on you!

These prices are like, drop-dead amazing![edit | edit source]

Like, I don't think I've ever been to a place this awesome before! Jenny, Jenny! Take that scarf off from around your mouth! LOOK AT THESE SHOES! Like, Oh - my - GOSH! Oh I could DIE in these! Jenny get me my purse. I left it on the bench right there. What, like? Are you SERIOUS?!

Like, I can't believe I lost my purse![edit | edit source]

Oh my Gosh, Dave is going to like, KILL me! I totally left it like RIGHT THERE. Jenny hold my make-up, I have to make a phone call. No, like, the police. Cause somebody stole my purse! Jenny come ON, like, this is TOTALLY not cool!

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