List of articles that live on organic fluids

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1. the illogicopedia mainpage has the longest group of acids ever fed into a single article

2. Banana-hat.gif - This moving image, goes at a rate of 5/2 militransfers. The same transference rate of a mating snail and could have a hidden symbol of micheal jackson being mummified encoded into it. If you dare, decifer it at There, download the cipher decoder..

3.You.... Can it not be? Have you heard it recently? Because you can see someone else, doesn't mean you are them!

4.[ the ?pedia atom feed has the same amount of fluid performance than a man playing tennis.

Chapter 5[edit]

this image is tantamount to freeing a gerkin from pillow factory.

Can it be any more clearer? Those sensible people in their baggy trousers speaking things about scooters and saws, have got it right! In the time it takes to destroy an article, you could be falling down over a ground of sodden motorbikes with your head up your mouth.

When you breathe out you can smell air and when you breathe in you don't. Then, going go.. to that green field and play rugby in your trousers.

bit 6[edit]

A really good rant to this end, would be the terrible article called Browse. You really love that thing. Why? Because it follows in the traditions of such editions as User:Nerd42 and Hitler. Why then could two writers both in there respective fields, stop the onset of global warming without a thought of the damage it might bring? To them its a very serious matter that the orderly position of peasants should be shirked to its puny minimum and erased from the memory of unthinking elephants.