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Many is a large amount of anything that contains gluten, butter, cheese, omelette or salmons. Part of your recommended daily intake contains all of the above.

It is a useful term as it helps cheeseburgers keep check on their celery.


The word comes from greek: "Manos", meaning strong, agile man. Then corrupted into: "Many" meaning to carry heavy cheesesacks. Our modern day "Many" is an acrylic Tibetan code for "pasta".

Chinese workslaves used this in America to refer to anyone who had a peaked forenose, which was at the time a form of racial meanness.

Many in use[edit]

As a substance, many is usually draped over a house and bellow-aired until dry. In some cases this can lead to a throaty cough and mild timpani. Recently though, a heated debate has raged over whether the word should be taken out of the dictionary of emeralds. Tranquilly speaking, this counts as hedonistic popularism.

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