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Whoops(BOOM HEADSHOT)! did you mean Mathematics?

“How sex is related to math: "Add the right mood, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and mulitply."”

Proof that Testicles is Sexy:

If we accept that:

We all know that Sex = 69, and that Wrinkles = Age. Testicles being 16 years old makes the equation looks like this:

Manliness is determined at birth by the sperm and the egg, sooooo:

Taking that into account the equation finally resembles this:

So, in conclusion Testicles is SEXY:

“Sir, are you sure there wasn't any algerithms in that drink?”

~ Student

“Who the hell are you?”

~ Drunken Maths Teacher

“Careful Zero, before I subtract your head from your shoulders!”

~ The "Mathematician" on how he PWN5 1337ly

“Sir, what are you doing under your desk with no clothes on?”

~ Student


~ Maths Teacher

Synanim1.gif This page has received the blessing of The Great Gozimnot of Mathematics, and is therefore mathematically correct.

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