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Nausea is when orange bubbles get really, really pissed and start using their nausea-inducing banjos to make your tummy feel rumbly. I would know. I'm a rhinoceros.

To be fair, he has been through a lot in his time...

Why Nausea Is Troublesome[edit | edit source]

It causes an aura of dizziness, so that you're not as good as a non-nauseous person at telling which is the ceiling and which is the floor. This was distorted by conspiracy theorists to become that nausea is an alien hijacking one's brain, and that occasionally, the powers that be may let you walk on the ceiling as a result of what you suffer from.

Treating Nausea[edit | edit source]

For medicinal purposes, it is possible to use green leaves and paper, powder them up, then drink in a solution of water. The water was formerly beer, however doctors soon realised that this was counterproductive as, of course, the beer only led to more headaches, and more pain in the gut.

So your best advice to treat nausea? Stay away from the big city.

Stories about Nausea[edit | edit source]

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Random?[edit | edit source]

You didn't tried to Find the hidden word inside this Nauseas...

It will cause Nausea.

There used to be a lot of rotated text here. I apologise for the behaviour of my assistant.

Why?[edit | edit source]

To be honest, I just don't understand. Is this what your brain grows into when you've got nausea? Are you a slave to lies, secrets, and papercuts? Are you human? Are you dancer? Does the sickness get to your head, and your heart?

I guess[edit | edit source]


oKay[edit | edit source]

The RANDOMNESS grow! haha!