Nevermind that, Carlton, there's WORK to be done!

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Bolts buzzing.

Sparks flying.

Wrenches wrenching.

Sweat pouring.

Stomachs churning.

Other descriptions describing.

"It's done," said Dr. Cho, the non-Asian scientist who happened to be adopted by a Korean family.

"Is it?" asked Carlton.

"No. I lied. Cold fusion."

And that, my friends, is how the world came to be.

And now, a cutaway gag:

The juggler had one eye.

A cyclops he wasn't, just a man who once had an accident with a rubber band.

He also was missing a finger that he blew off from playing with fireworks.

He also had a piece of rubber lodged in his airway from when he accidentally sucked in a balloon.

The man was a walking example of every caution parents give to their children.

Yet he didn't seem to care.