No Scope 3: The End of the No Scope?

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The End of The No-Scope?

Halo 3 Announcement: Attention Halo 3 players. Halo 3 is eliminating the "No-scope" from online play due to the fact players are more concerned about no-scopes than the real game. So as of August 23rd, 2008; no-scopes will not damage an enemy.

T3: What the fu-
gino: Woah, woah, there are kids reading this.
T3: Okay, okay...
gino: Don't worry T3, we'll get the no-scope back somehow.
Jauqe: Pourquoi l'enfer Bungie n'a pas de supprimer le champ d'application?
T3: I had no idea what he said but I probably agree.
gino: Dude, we need to get the no-scope back.
T3: Hey, a Bungie employee is playing a custom game right now, let's join.

They join the employee's game

Employee: Who the hell are you guys and why did you join my game?
T3: We want the no-scope back!
Jauqe: Vas te faire encule, vous fils de pute!
gino: What the hell, Jauqe? Learn English god dammit!
Employee: The decision on the no-scope is final. You're gonna have to learn to use other weapons.
T3: Is there any way?
Employee: How about this... I gather up my buddies who designed the battle rifle with me and we'll challenge you to a battle rifle game of slayer.
gino: When?
Employee: Two weeks. You can train but you'll still lose...
Jauqe: Nous serons là!

End of game

Two weeks later.

T3: Live to win, 'til ya die! 'Til the life dies in your eyes.
gino: Shut up Canolis, that song's copyrighted.
Employee: Let's just play the game...

Game started.

T3: I'm dead.
gino: Dude, the game just started!
Employee1: Let's get this over with...
Jauqe: Ugh...
T3: Jauqe's dead! You're all alone. The fate of no-scopers is up to you!
Employee2: You're dead... No mom! I'm in the middle of something! C'mon!
Employee2 left game
Employee1: I need to eat dinner with my mom....
Employee1 left game
Employee3: I'll still beat you.


Employee 3 has died
gino: Oh my God we won!
T3: I can't believe it!
Jauqe: I know! Isn't it awesome?
gino: What the hell? You can speak English?
Jauqe: Of course. I'm on the English-speaking server, right?
T3: Jauqe! Why the hell did you speak French then?
Jauqe: Oh, my French teacher told me to use French more so I used it on XBOX Live.
T3: Vas te faire encule ...
No Scope

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