No Scope 2: The New Gods?

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When we last left our peeps they were recovering from a hard battle of Halo 3.

T3CANOLIS: WTF? C'mon ginonater! How could I lose!!!!
ginonater: Cause you suck, lol!
JauqeSmith323: Quoi?
T3CANOLIS: Shut up Frenchie!
JauqeSmith323: Quelqu'un me dire ce qu'ils disent!
T3CANOLIS: Jauque WTF are you playing on the English game anyway?
JauqeSmith323: ...
ginonater: I am king of the no-scope!
m45t3r 5n1p3r69: No I am.
ginonater: Who are you...
T3CANOLIS: Damn Jauqe, why the hell do you have to invite your nooby friends into chat.
m45t3r 5n1p3r69: I will challenge you three to a no scope-off. I will gather my friends.
ginonater: Okay, how 'bout High Ground, tommarrow, 8 o'clock. Be there.
m45t3r 5n1p3r69: I will.
JauqueSmith323: Venez sur maman! Je lui ai demandé pour le beurre d'arachide et la gelée pas jambon!
m4st3r 5n1p3r69: What'd you say? Did you say you wanted PB&J and your mom got you ham?
T3CANOLIS: You speak French?
m4st3r 5n1p3r69: Yeah, I live in Quebec.
JauqeSmith323: Que dois-je faire?
m4st3r 5n1p3r69: Arrêter de pleurer et manger le sandwich au jambon.
JauqeSmith323: Vas te faire encule, BIATCH!
m4st3r 5n1per69: Où avez-vous appris ce mot?
JauqeSmith323: Un type dit sur CoD4.
T3CANOLIS: Let's end this god-damn chat.

Chat ended'

Later that day ginonater is pacing around Cold Storage pondering the situation.

"Oh god, what do I do? Aw, come on... I don't want to lose this one."'

Both groups decided on names. T3CANOLIS, ginonater, and JauqeSmith323 were the Destroyers and m45ter 5n1p3r69, I_Ownd_U 888, and CommanderSnipee were "Da Snipaz.

The Battle[edit]

The lobby was opened at 7:59 EST and all of Da Snipaz showed up but Jauqe wasn't there.

T3CANOLIS: God dammit Jauqe, you french son of a bitch.
Snipee You're just upset cause you know your gonna get pwnd.
gino: Man this sucks...
m45t3r: I don't care, we'll do it anyway. Once it's eight o'clock... LET THE SNIPING BEGIN!

The Game started

m45t3r: Let's do this.

The battle went on for 5 hours and 55 minutes before anyone died.

T3CANOLIS: gino, I gotta make a move.
ginonater: Dude are you f-in crazy? They'll kill you.
T3CANOLIS: Bye, gino.

T3CANOLIS walked into battle and dodge many sniping attempts. He ducked behind a rock and shot CommanderSnipee.

Snipee: God dammit!

I_Ownd_U 888 tried to assasinate T3CANOLIS but T3 beat him down. Suddenly m45t3r 5n1p3r69 no scoped T3CANOLIS

gino: NO!!!!!!

m45t3r came up and was going to assassinate gino. BANG! m45t3r fell to the ground and Jauqe was standing behind him. Jauqe: Vous avez commencé le match sans moi. gino: m45t3r? m45t3r: We started the game without him.

And so our heroes go on still the Gods of Halo 3...

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