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A noob, also known as a newbie or new user, is a member of an inferior race that regularly wreaks havoc on a wide range of community websites. They do this by appearing inexperienced and constantly asking for help (that always miraculously fails to help them), as well as making edits or posts that appear to reflect a lack of experience if one subscribes to the myth of 'assume good faith', but are in fact totally malicious.

Many noobs find themselves turned away from their chosen community by some form of harsh treatment, often a ban or block. This is a sign that they were not successful in hiding their nefarious designs; some members of the noob community will mock them for their failure, while others will be supportive and encourage them to try again. Other noobs--the majority in some particularly seedy communities--find a welcoming environment and are able to take root and flourish, and fool everyone into thinking they are innocent, possibly even valuable--until the time comes to reveal their true colours.