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The nose pocket is a mythical means to great power, even over the fabric of space and time, as described in the esoteric treatise Nose Pockets And Their Omnipotence. It also has a more technical meaning, revealed through the study of space noses and their operation. This topic however remains only partially understood.

Dimensional pockets[edit]

Objects ranging in size from grains of sand to minor moons have been observed being pulled into nostrils, and similarly ejected from them. The influx of objects has at times been great enough that it is a certainty that said objects are not stored within the ordinary space occupied by the nose and its nostrils.

A possible way to account for the space constraint would be for objects entering one nose to immediately exit another nose, and a few instances of such a thing have indeed been observed. But it does not remain plausible that every entrance of an object into a nose is accompanied by its exit through another nose, and vice versa, as the number of noses appears limited and they do not appear to come in pairs.

The simplest explanation, consistent with the first-hand testimonies of the few known to have entered noses and come back, is that the inside is much, much larger than the outside, to the extent of not being anything to sniff at.

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